Monday, July 19, 2010

Mace It All

Lam Elk Ill
The phantom lord hit the lights and he would hold no remorse for those who would suffer under the torturous actions of his metal militia as he commanded them to ride south and to seek and destroy. Scented with the smell of motorbreath, the four horsemen were able to approach The Chosen with ample stealth to strike alarm and fear into their non-significant existence they called life. For those Chosen, they would soon suffer the pain of pulling teeth, have their body subjected to whiplash or be forced to jump in the fire.

Grinding the Hilt
As I lay there trapped under ice I had one of two options, fade to black or escape. I chose the later, but in doing so I heard the call of Cthulhu and I knew then that I would soon come face to face with creeping death. But to fight fire with fire I too would have to ride the lightning. As for whom the bell tolls? It would not be I.

Feast popper smut
We stood before the thing that should not be. Thoughts racing through our heads. Could this be the Leper Messiah or the mythological hunter himself, Orion? What ever this thing was if we did not act quickly we would all soon be damage inc. But wait. The master of puppets is calling, welcome home (sanitarium). We are nothing but a battery of disposable heroes.

Arcade Sinful Jolt
The clock turned past the midnight hour into dyers eve, a night more blackened than others. This night will portend the harvester of sorrow to gouge out the frayed ends of sanity of a society in what we perceive to know. The gatherer of endless sorrows will decide the fate of us all based solely on The One who selects the shortest straw. This selection will reveal whether to live is to die and justice for all is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Cabal Bulk Them
My constant battle with the struggle within had started to make me think that I was truly of wolf and man. In order to cast out further conflict I would also soon learn that wherever I may roam through the never it would have to be of this chimeric form. But, how could I suffer this fate when it was surely the God that failed in “leading” me to believe they were holier than thou? It is this false Deity for whom should be cast out as the unforgiven! If it were not for the voice of my friend of misery then I would surely still exist as a single entity un-kowningly floating through a facade of righteousness. But now as I retain this chimeric form I use it to my advantage so that other so-called people of faith don't tread on me once more. It is sad but true that others who still believe do so in a manner as if they are pleading the phrase, “Please enter sandman and guide my dreams to make me believe.” Nothing else matters more to me than to rid this deception of faith as it will ultimately lead to our self destruction.

Ad Lo
Ronnie, who always like to think of himself as the hero of the day had nothing more than than to confide in his thoughts. For as long as he could sanely remember he had been imprisoned in a 2x4 metre rusted cell within the basement of the house Jack built. Jack's house remained in a part of the land where no authority figure resided over and until there was a King nothing could be done to free Ronnie from his sociopathic tormentors. In Ronnie's mind he always tried to escape from the pain as his tormentors would repeatedly thrust the thorn within. But no matter how hard he tried he would inevitably screech out, “Why are you bleeding me!?” With that came no answer and as Ronnie started to slip into a state of unconsciousness he would again in his own thoughts plead, surely there is a cure to rid of this evil that possesses someone to perform such unspeakable acts.
Even though Jack and his Mama shared a common interest in the torment of Ronnie, this subject matter would also often cause conflict between the two.
Jack's Mama said, “More than once you have wasted my hate on you when I could of inflicted that hate down in the basement!”
To which Jack's reply was, “It is as if I am the outlaw, torn between killing you Mama or not!”
“Poor twisted me, but wait, she ain't my bitch!” Jack would then think to himself.
This argument with his Mama, Jack decided, would be the very last as he would wait until it sleeps before taking care of her once and for all. He would then plan to make his way down to the basement, perhaps for the last time.

Lead Or...
In order to grow the bad seed one must add fuel to the fire that flickers within. Too little fuel then our lives will slowly slither off into obscurity, too much fuel then we may very well find ourselves where the wild things are. We cannot portray ourselves to be Prince Charming all of the time but we cannot perform the Devil's Dance night after night either. If the memory remains locked within we may find ourselves singing the low mans lyric for the best part of our lives before realising it is too late. At times we may be the unforgiven II but other times, as an attitude fixxxer, we will have to admit we are better than you. Carpe Diem baby! Because tomorrow may be to late.

Angst Re...
If you look through a dirty window you will often perceive, albeit erroneously, some kind of monster on the other side. Therefore you must purify your, more than likely, frantic thoughts before passing judgment. There should never be a St. Anger but unfortunately in my world there are some who will create an invisible kid who in turn embarks on searching for the unnamed feeling. If you decide to shoot me again without thought remember this, I will in time hold all within my hands that sweet sweet amber once more.

Time, Than Caged
At this point in time we were feeling broken, beat & scared as we continued to wait for the day that never comes. I was adamant we were not, but it was becoming apparent we were the unforgiven III. As further time passed I started to realise this reality we found ourselves in is a clear depiction of my apocalypse that I envisaged all nightmare long. If we were to plant the Judas kiss with a sprinkling of cyanide would we truly be committing suicide & redemption at the same time? No, I think not. I feel we need to redeem ourselves by some other non-mortal means. Even though some may say that was just your life, I feel that if you are facing the end of the line you need to fight every inch of the way in order to make it to the other side. But, if you make it to the other side and you happen to glance back from whence you came remember this, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Even behind a no leaf clover I disappear to leave the world minus human.

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