Saturday, February 5, 2011


Oat Pie
Outside, it was a cold and ugly night, but down within the walls of my dwelling's basement I felt a sense of calm come over me. Seemingly, in the midst of a dream, I heard my conscious say, “Hush my good friend, the opiate you ingested is now starting to take effect.” But I would soon realise, I may have underestimated the hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties of my night’s entertainment. The sensation of my sweat pores across my brow peeling open coincided with the sensation of seeing a part of me project across the room. In a not so surprising turn of events, my astral self then proceeded to jerk off to the audible and at this time, very visual sound waves emanating from my record player speakers.

Nude Trow
My convicted, heinous crime of intolerance was not looked upon too favourably within the house of pain. I had coined it the “house of pain” after one particular night. It was on this night that I lay there slumped, in a disgustipated, wretched state from my umpteenth prison sex bashing. It wouldn't be for another 10 years that I would find myself free from that flood of torment. On the outside I found it an overwhelming struggle to integrate back into a society I knew nothing of. This struggle was exponentially compounded by my substance abuse in an attempt to crawl away and scratch those plagued memories of my time inside. If I did not sober up I would rapidly find myself at the bottom, feeding off life's detritus to the tune of a swamp song. I could not however, break away from my downward spiral and I soon found myself 4 degrees from the undertow that would release me from my tormented existence. Somehow I knew I would be in a better place.

Næ Am I?
Many within the industry would comment on how Jimmy would often pushit too far. However, it was within the industry's deep and darkened underground circles where the stinkfist activities of Jimmy could soon result in the reading of his eulogy. In these underground circles Jimmy was commonly referred to as, the “hooker with a penis”, or quite simply, “H.”. H. however, did not perceive his lewd actions as a death wish but as a means to project to another spiritual dimension. H.'s first spiritual experience was achieved on the set of “Die Eier Von Satan”. Here it was his ænema, fully charged with (-) ions that released his third eye. It was during the next intermission period following this initial, out of body, dimensional encounter that H. penned a message to Harry Manback, his mentor and one would say, surrogate father figure. “Your guidance has been immensely useful. However, 'idiot' has been a term by many others describing my actions. I really do not give a shit about their opinion, more so now that I can clearly see and understand the Cesàro Summability of my, some may say, wicked ways. Surely now this is the beginning of my becoming forty-six & 2.”

Vial Las
X. had earlier struggled to fully comprehend the sporadic, powerful ability to astrally project herself and communicate with others in a higher plane of existence. The turning point however, was when X. could formulate the elastic potential energy of her 'physical being' which then enable her to control and unlock the full potential of her third eye. These revelations allowed X. to pushit, and transgress her space of higher consciousness to a point where she could now constantly undertake Merkaba meditation. “Both my inner and outer realms in conjunction with my physical self are now a part of me,” X. pondered. In her heightened conscious projections X. could now also send a message to Harry Manback II, but instead of a message of praise, as was the case with H., X. would remind HMII, “You lied to me, you rotten cunt! When I came to you seeking advice about my initial astral projections, you would leave me no quarter of the amount of guidance or knowledge of what you provided to H. I was scared and confused. What was happening to me? Were they to happen again? But now I have mastered the ability to ascend, all that I now wish for you is to rot in the LAMC and face the torment of Maynard's dick!”

All Sat Rue
While I sat there watching this person, the grudge he so doggedly held onto fueled the acrimonious attitude he had towards three innocent individuals. Thankfully however, this attitude was not a reflection of society as a whole, but, a very staunch group of individuals who lay claim to hearing the Faaip De Oaid. The schism struck between two diametrically opposed combatants of believers and non-believers would only exacerbate with the persistence of time. The so called sons of god could not be distracted from the notion that, in their mind, the triad of ticks and leeches had a disposition to follow a ‘black’ faith, so very different to theirs. Hence, creating a purely, at best circumstantial argument against the unjustly accused. So begs the question, was it the three individuals on trial here, or more so their beliefs? Is it too far-fetched then to think that these narrow minded individuals who are so scared of what they perceived to “possess” the unjustly accused are not too different from themselves, principally speaking? Out of a parabol they eat the flesh and from a parabola-like chalice they drink the blood. I therefore find it somewhat amusing that these “all so holy of holiest individuals” are so quick to condemn the actions of others supposedly so different to them. But when it is all said and done, are they really condemning ones different beliefs, interests and free minded spirit? It is generally said that we are all afraid of things we do not know anything about, but that does not give us the right to scorn others so different to us. Why should we subject ourselves to an eon blue apocalypse when we can easily apply a lateralus way of thought? After all, if it weren’t for our non-linear mindset, where would we be today? If I were limited in my choice and development of ideals, and told that I must follow this rather than make my own choice(s), then I may very well end up as the patient in one of those so-called rehabilitation facilities. A final word then to these narrow minded, uneducated “believers”, would your thoughts be the same against other mantras if they wore black or listened to metal? Free the WM3!

10,000 Days
It could well of been the pot, in fact I’m sure of it, that led to my lost keys (blame Hoffman), and hence, my physical and somewhat abstract mental presence to remain where I lay. With both me and Rosetta stoned, unable to (physically) venture too far, we decided to embark on yet another thought provoking journey. The intension between Rosetta and I often resulted in vicarious recollections where we would arrive at an analogous conclusion. Tonight would be no exception. My journey began from within the lush and humid canopy of the Jambi landscape whereas the genesis of Rosetta’s path invoked the Lipan conjuring out in the desert plains of Texas. What was to follow in the next 10,000 days would be a macroevolutionary event culminating in wings for Marie. Could it be that our existence has split right in two, in order to harbor viginti tres? Or could we in fact soon be facing the prospect of another forty-six & 2?